Combating Viruses Like COVID-19 with Electric and Electrostatic Spraying

Under normal circumstances, most people would never consider having a disinfecting service completed at their office, business, or shop. Only when a notable shift in absences or production during a bad flu season affects a school or office is Kramer has been called upon to help and provide commercial disinfecting services. Unfortunately, however, these are no longer
normal circumstances as the concern about the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has gripped the world.

What is Electric and Electrostatic Spraying?

Electric and Electrostatic Spraying utilizes power-assisted spraying machinery in lieu of manually-powered disinfectant spraying. The machinery also breaks down 1 traditional manual-sprayer size droplet into many smaller micron droplets, allowing for more even coverage of a targeted area.

Electrostatic spraying goes one step further as it charges the disinfectant droplets as they leave the machine. Once the droplets are released, they seek objects and surfaces more readily. This assures an even greater coverage of the disinfectant, even in hard to reach places.

In What Cases is Electric and Electrostatic Spraying Better than Conventional Cleaning Methods when Disinfecting?

Electric and electrostatic spraying assures more even coverage of surfaces including assisting to cover evenly every button on the elevator or areas of a desk with disinfectants; where conventional spray and wipe is effective, it can leave heavier residues in certain areas.



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