US EPA Registration

Annihilyte is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Annihilyte-1 (Registration Number 92449-1).

Disinfectant product registration is a long, arduous process of verifying with 3rd party labs, vigorous testing and labeling requirements. This ensures that the solution does what it says, in terms of product chemistry and efficacy of pathogen kill claims. 

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Annihilare - A New Generation of Clean


In addition to data requirements that apply to all pesticides, pesticides designed to control microbial pests such as viruses and bacteria must have data proving their ability to kill these pests (known as efficacy).

Each of the guidance documents listed below provides a summary of current efficacy-related requirements and/or policy for a category of antimicrobial pesticide products, claims, or patterns of use. If more detailed guidance is needed, the Antimicrobials Division should be consulted. 

If any of the product's use patterns is classified as human-health-related, efficacy data must be submitted for review in order to support the inclusion of that use pattern in the product registration. Regardless of the use pattern, however, product efficacy data is required to be maintained in the registrant's files.

Requirements to develop data on product performance provide a mechanism to ensure that pesticide products will control the pests listed on the label and that unnecessary pesticide exposure to the environment will not occur as a result of the use of ineffective products. Specific performance standards are used to validate the efficacy data in the public health areas, including:

  • disinfectants used to control microorganisms infectious to humans in any area of the inanimate environment; and

  • those pesticides used to control vertebrates (such as rodents, birds, bats, and skunks) and invertebrates (ticks, mosquitoes, etc.) that may directly or indirectly transmit diseases to humans. 

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Safety Data Sheet

Product Name: Annihilyte -1

Product Description: Electro-chemically activated solution of sodium chloride (.9% or less) None (Mixture)

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Safety Data Sheet

Product Name: Catholyte (FREE)

Product Description: Electrochemically activated water containing

.05% NaCl

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Green Seal Certification

Green Seal® is the nation’s premier ecolabel, symbolizing transparency, integrity and proven environmental leadership. They develop life-cycle-based, multi-attribute standards and certify products and services that can prove they meet our strict criteria for human health, reduced environmental impact and excellent performance. Operating as a nonprofit since its founding in 1989, Green Seal has certified thousands of products and services in over 450 categories, and is specified by countless schools, government agencies, businesses and institutions.

Annihilare’s solutions meet Green Seal Standard™ GS-53 or GS-37 based on effective performance, concentration of product, minimized packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.

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